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Our Company proceed the production on our two sites of about 200 hectares with a park of high-tech machines composed of Sandvik and Metso Groups. Our mine quarries are located at the 36th and 44th kilometers on the north highway direction Yamoussoukro.


Our career started up in 2009, has a capacity of

750,000 tonnes/year of finished products


Our second career commissioned in 2015, has a capacity of

1,750,000 tons/year of finished products

Our quarries with a total annual production volume of 2 million tons are composed with:

Our sandy products 0/5- 0/6-  0/15- 0/20-0/25- 0/31,5-0/40- 0/150- 0/300
    The crushed 4/10- 5/15- 14/20- 15/25- 5/25- 10/14

The production of products such as Moellons and Crushed is made of granite rock to form a cubic aggregate.

Aggregate production plays an important role in the development and improvement of the region by meeting the needs of raw materials in our territory. In addition to concrete aggregates, all types of asphalt, sub-groundwork, groundwork, wall stone and filler aggregates are produced.